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If you’ve ever been a student looking for a part-time job, you know that it’s not always a piece of cake. In cities where the job market is competitive, it can be tedious trying to find a full-time job, especially with minimal prior work experience. Online recruitment services have been around for quite some time now and so have the big players that lead the industry. That meant creating a platform that was at least as appealing as anything advertised by the competition. On top of that, it had to be focused on usability, maximum engagement, and top-notch customization.


BillionFinds is an online job search platform focused on helping students find part-time jobs quickly and easily using a vetting algorithm that matches them to jobs based on their profiles. The idea for this startup was born when the founder was having difficulty finding a full-time job as a university student that matched his interests.

The Client started this project with a primary target in mind: to engineer a website along with a mobile application that is effective specifically for local jobs and have built a talent pool database. In other words, the main focus was on what they have to offer, in comparison to traditional recruitment platforms. That meant a highly complex back-end structure and an engaging, user-friendly design.

The Founder of this concept, although had the concept mapped out perfectly, he was not equipped with the technical aspect and branding aspects for his concept. We were pretty excited to take on this project as having used various platforms to both find jobs and find the right candidate for a job, We were excited to offer our expertise to design a product that would alleviate so many pain points that we have encountered.


As we began the design stage of BillionFinds, we had to nail down the style direction that BillionFInds web and mobile app would take. We wanted the platform to seem fresh, modern, and user-friendly while recalling a professional and trustworthy vibe. This is to ensure that it will resonate with young millennial users. 

We used a variety of Blues with purple accents. Google Fonts Poppins is used to emulate BillionFinds fresh and young brand image. Purple is often associated with the future and ambition, and blue is often associated with positivity and trustworthiness — this was proposed to the client and approved as we believe these are all feelings that need to be evoked when using the platform.post image

We kicked off with a solid wireframe based on the business objective and the creative idea we had in mind. Then we focused on custom features that bring this kind of business to the next level.

Custom alerts, for instance, are one of the core components of a job search platform, since as an employer, you want to be notified as soon as you have new applicants. The same goes for candidates who are anxious about their application status.

Furthermore, we developed a user-friendly CV management system for the quick creation of professional resumes for the Job Seekers which could also be effortlessly analyzed by employers.

The most interesting and unique addition to this was the job/university card swipe feature for job seekers and students. This provides the user to engage well with the millennials to swipe right to the job/university they are interested in and swipe left for the ones they are not. This feature has provided quite a bit of traction with more than 1000+ installs within the first week of BillionFinds Mobile Application launch.



Technologies Used

React- Native


Wireframes, UI/UX Design, Development

Delivery Period

3 months


The recent update which was pushed to the platform plays a critical role for the employers who seek candidates with specific specializations. A point system was built in place so that Employers can easily filter candidates based on the skills listed for the job. 

BillionFinds is one of the most unique job-seeking platforms available in Sri Lanka. With the future roadmap, we believe that BillionFinds is capable of disrupting the Career Marketplace in times to come. 

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