Anuja Herath
Co Founder, Managing Director

Anuja Herath is a Software Engineer by profession and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the IT Industry with an exceptional academic background. He is a very close observer and fast learner of the many technologies that are in use in this day and age. Anuja is very energetic and extremely dependable thanks to his academic knowledge in Information Technology, Computer Systems, Software Engineering, Project Management and Marketing.

His involvement and memberships in various organizations has made him an all rounder with the necessary skills required to compete and do well in the corporate world. He is an extremely competent and hardcore programmer with extensive knowledge in web technologies and various other aspects of IT. He was also employed by two of the leading IT companies in the country. Anuja is the not only the heart but also the brain of Konekt Holdings (Pvt) Ltd and is responsible for all the products and services in the company. His passion and love for the company is unmatched.
Anuja is a graduate from one of Sri Lanka’s biggest IT Universities, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology and was also the president of the Student Union during his 4 year tenure at SLIIT. He is also the charter president of the Rotaract Club of Kulliyapitiya.

Dilan Pushpitha
Co Founder, Director – Operations

Dilan Pushpitha is a senior motion graphic designer by profession with a passion towards information technology and its dynamics. He has been in this field for more than half a dozen years. He specializes in motion graphic designing which entails 2D animation, 3D animation, compositing, graphic design as well as visual effects.

His communication skills and ‘can do’ attitude has played an amazing role in the company’s journey. He fits into the board as a perfect catalyst and moreover, his thinking and input from the perspective of a designer has helped the company to improve its products and services in generating the best outcome possible. Dilan is currently in charge of the company administration with the prime duty of ensuring smooth day-to-day operations inside the business.

Dilan is also very keen to learn about new technologies and loves to keep abreast with the matters relating to the world of Information Technology. Dilan is an absolute asset to the company with his wealth of knowledge and experience, it has allowed the company to open up and thereby form a combination that is rarely noticed in many of the newly formed IT companies.

Adam Thaha
Co Founder, Director – Sales & Marketing

Adam Thaha who is also known as Thaha Adamjee is a well known compere in Sri Lanka. Apart from his self-learned expertise in the speaking industry, he is also an English Language and Soft Skills Trainer. His passion for reading and burning desire to learn has made him acquire knowledge without the help of an instructor – a quality that is very rarely found in others. He has won many speaking and writing competitions and is more than handy when it comes to anything pertinent to English Language.

Adam’s passion does not end here; he is also the founder of Mr. T – Talent Trust Teamwork (Pvt) Ltd, a real estate firm and has been backed by 25 of years of expertise in the trade. The estate agency is by far the most respected and admired real estate agency in the country with its presence heavily felt on social media. Adam is also a profound blogger and posts many articles on the internet, he is currently working on his first novel which he plans to publish in the near future.

Adam sees himself as an IT lover and supports the board of directors of Konekt Holdings (Pvt) Ltd with his out-of-the-box thinking and contributes immensely in ensuring that the business processes are properly met.