What is SEO? [Updated 2019]

December 24, 2019

Today more than 90% of customers and businesses search on the internet before buying into a new product or service. And studies show that if you are not in the first page of the searches conducted by your target audience you will never be able to reach your customers online unless through paid search campaigns.

If you see your competitors being ranked on the searches or the keywords that you feel that has relevancy to your business and the services you offer, that is because of a marketing technique called SEO! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO done right would help you rank higher than your competitors out there in response to the keywords searched on Google.

To better understand oh SEO works let’s take a look at how Search Engines work. Search engines have bots. Bots are a software program whose duty is to crawl the web. It crawls by following links,links from your website to other pages on your site to and even links from your site to another. They crawl the page, read the code and stores the information.

The stored information is called “The index” and your initial goal for SEO is to get indexed by Google. If your website is indexed then you will rank but not ranked well, but you have the potential to be ranked well.

And rank is determined by importance and relevance. It is the position you will appear in the results for particular keywords.

When you type in a search term, Google will provide the most important and relevant answers and rank them from the most relevant to the least relevant. This is done with Google’s best interest as their business model revolves around the search conducted through its search engine. Google ‘s algorithm churns through thousands of variables to decide where your page lands. Many of those variables are what you should aim to optimize.

Some of these variables would be :

  • The topics that you are writing about
  • Who is linking to your web page
  • How your website is developed
  • Website security
  • And if your website is mobile-friendly

Not only that, but Google also evaluates the quality of the pages that are linked to your website. If they are relevant, on-brand and popular, then Google will assume you’re credible and rank your site higher.

And you might be wondering, what is the ROI or benefits with SEO being incorporated into your marketing strategy.

There are 3 major benefits for SEO

  1. The traffic from SEO is FREE
  2. The traffic your website will be consistent once you rank high
  3. The opportunity to reach massive audiences you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

SEO executed perfectly can provide massive ROI, done poorly and it would have a massive negative impact on your organic search efforts.

If you’re struggling to tackle your SEO and increase traffic to your website and require help with your SEO efforts, you can reach out to us and we can take care of things for you!

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