How moving to ecommerce can benefit you

December 15, 2021

Back in 2019, the world of business was booming as usual. Busy streets and busy cafes talking deals and business ideas, crowded marketplaces filled with negotiations and doing bargains. Hurray to the ever-growing business world!

Then came 2020, with a lot of hopes and endeavors for many, when out of nowhere, the pandemic has taken this year on a major turn. Busy and loudness which magnetized streets and marketplaces once were no more. Emptiness started to settle down. Brick and Mortar Businesses were not making profits or revenue for that matter anymore. People were losing jobs left and right. Stock markets collapsed, investments went down and ongoing projects are halted without dates of continuation. 

In this day and age of the digital era, nothing goes by without an alternative workaround as a remedy. Thus, businesses started to embrace the work from home concept with open arms. What happened at physical locations started to happen remotely at the comfort of homes, without any fear and anxiety. 

Amidst these newfound changes. what was thought as taking another set of years, was also starting to take shape. That is none other than businesses of all scales moving to eCommerce. Some took this leap of faith years back, and many had already planned the move. A global pandemic became the silver lining of a dark cloud as people started realizing the benefits and timely potential of moving on to e-commerce. image

Let’s talk about 3 key reasons why you should actually give it a thought on moving into eCommerce

  • Ability to resolve the dependency of social media platforms
  • Ability to reap the potential of digital marketing & advertising (Remarketing campaigns)
  • Ability to collect data & trends in real-time in order to facilitate superior user experience

More often than not, especially when it comes to startups and small scale business owners, people tend to focus a lot on social media (which is not a bad thing but), doing so means they have to collide with the ever-growing competition coming from similar brands left and right. The effort has to be given not just to get your attention, but also to constantly answering to inquiries in both comments and messages to make a sale. To further the hassle, when it comes to payments, you will have to send your bank account details which is becoming a thing of the past. Moreover, it is becoming unprofessional and an inconvenience to customers given that they have to send back the receipt after a transfer/ deposit. 

Having your own eCommerce store will remove all the above bottlenecks. How? Each and every product you have will have a dedicated page it detailing from size to color to composition, everything a customer would want to inquire about. They will not have to inbox asking for a price as not just the price, but discounts and coupons can also be shown within your store.  Payments will be hassle-free where within a set of clicks, their order will be received and processed. 

Having your own eCommerce store will enable you to focus on creating noise for your brand with the right marketing tools and techniques. With articles, blogs, heading, titles, and keywords, you will be able to create organic (natural) traffic to your website. More than that, you will have the ability to reap the potential of digital marketing at your fingertips. From enabling beautiful email campaigns to paid google AdWords, you will have the capability to deploy tools which in the right way can bring more traffic in a less time period. You can automate monthly newsletters with exciting offers and promos to trigger attention from your customers along with nurturing your perspectives to become converts in time. You will have the ability to initiate campaigns targeting factors such as locales and ethnicity which in seasons can help a lot to cater to the right customer. You can automate reminding people of a cart they abandoned, which can lead to resales, and also, set up remarketing campaigns that have the possibility of converting bounced visitors to potential customers. All of these would have been lost if not for an eCommerce store. 

Data is a word that has been taking a form of great significance over the years. At present, it has come to a point of criticality may it be analytics, intelligence, or decision making. Many business aspects have become data-driven which is getting some people ahead in the competition while others tend to ignore it either on purpose, unaware, or due to myths. Having your own store in the digital space can enable you to read about your customers. For instance, you will have the capability to see the traffic coming to your site, most frequent pages, and products they are viewing in real-time. You will have the ability to understand customer behavior and trends by digging deep into data you can get your hands on. If you are planning to set up your next branch, you can check the city or area where most of the traffic is coming to your website to select the most ideal establishment, if you are planning to launch a new marketing campaign for your new product, you can access the data to which age gap or ethnicity to ideal to hit as the target market. Likewise, you can maximize the user experience of your website by deploying tools that can identify the exact sections and elements that are making your customers bounce from your site so that the next time they make a visit, they will have a comfortable time with whatever they felt troublesome last time it was not there anymore. image

Considered small facts, these are the aspects that can make the biggest impact on making you stand out from the rest. By now, you should have a good idea about why eCommerce is potential and why you should have a go at it. If you are having a thought to do this leap of faith, or in assistance of a technology partner to educate yourself, search no further. Stay tuned and konekt-ed with us for more exciting and trending news on eCommerce! 

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