Why do you need to excel in your UI/UX designs?

Sasuni Vidanage Marketing Associate
October 2, 2020

With the technical advancement in the 21st century, we want to encounter the best solutions to our needs or problems without spending too much time and exhausting our busy schedules. The same goes for surfing the websites or mobile applications too where the snappy and proficient the websites or mobile apps respond.

With regards to the mobile application or website user satisfaction, the majority of the IT solutions firms turn towards the application’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

 What is UI? UI stands for the user interface. Which includes the screens, buttons, and all the other visual elements that help the user to interact with the application. Its primary objective is to provide easy and effective interaction between the user and the application.

UX designs 

What is UX?

UX stands for user experience.  It includes the overall user experience a user has as they interact with the website or application. UX design is mainly focused on how the users actually use the product. A good UX design creates quality and satisfactory interaction between customers and the company’s products and services. 

UX designs

Why do UI/UX matter?

 In today’s fast-paced world, successful websites or mobile applications are those that respond quickly and effectively.  Google says it expects pages to load in less than three seconds. 

Here are some major insights!

Enhances customer loyalty 

A great UI/UX is mandatory as it spellbinds clients and intrigues them, it enhances their experience to a productive level in adequation to decent usefulness, and it grantees user satisfaction and eventually their loyalty. 

Guarantee a favorable first impression on your App

Impressing users with a cutting-edge and appealing interface design from the first snap can increase the chances of your app being utilized.  So, definitely, it is fundamental to make your website or app incredibly cool!


  • Have an engaging and eye-catching design that could have an impact on the mind of customers to ensure brand recall.



UI/UX designs

Brand building

The components like color, appearance, catchy content, and easy navigation set your business identity and how it is observed by the customers. Having an online presence of your business is vital for the accomplishment of the business. And when it comes to mobile app development, the matter of UI/UX is critical. 

Increase traffics and gets featured in the app store

When the UI and UX of the website or the mobile app are designed perfectly, it will boost the traffic to the site or app, help to acquire new customers, and also assist in retaining them. 

Impressed and satisfied customers will give positive feedback, high ratings on the app stores will bring more users which in turn, enhances the ROI on your business.

Investing in a combo of extraordinary UX and astonishing UI can absolutely get you featured on the market top list. 


Sasuni Vidanage Marketing Associate

Sasuni is a graduate in Business Management from the University of Northumbria in UK who is currently working as a Marketing Associate at Konekt. Sasuni is specialized in Content Marketing, Social media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Growth hacking.

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