Will Smartphones become Obsolete in 2025?

August 24, 2020

Because of the significant innovations made in the tech business, our everyday existence appears to change each decade. However, as innovations happen, some tech turns out to be less valuable or prominent in society.

Technology is constantly advancing, and soon there will be no burden of holding your phone and losing it consistently. Predicting that, by 2025, smartphones will be obsolete due to innovative advancements. 


Widespread development of 5G has been associated with the guarantee of new digital applications and services that accompany a hyper-connected life.  5G is referred to as essential tech that will supercharge areas like virtual and augmented reality, self-driving, and telemedicine services such as remote surgeries. It will ultimately connect everything from farming equipment to security cameras and, obviously, your smartphone.


Lower latency will make augmented reality and virtual reality more effective- mainly, AR glasses and VR headsets haven’t yet split the standard. Yet, tech organizations are wagering that these gadgets will eventually replace our smartphones. With 5G, that could really occur. 


Smartphones serve valuable conduits by connecting us to AR worlds, VR headset, and voice assistants. Yet, as software for these innovations develops and improves, the smartphones will become superfluous, serving as a gateway for the tech that creates its own termination. 


Just as we control mobile applications by moving our fingers, now we can manipulate our next generation personal area network through voice commands or gestures. Perhaps, with the help of haptic technology that simulates sensory feedback of touching the actual components. 


AR will turn out to be so predominant and so useful in all areas of business, and our own carries on with that we do not need smartphones any longer. Smartphone users believe that artificial intelligence will take over many tasks that the smartphone does. In fact, Artificial Intelligence products have already driven the most significant technological advancements. 


Now we don’t need to input as much information to the device as we did, because of next-generation innovations. Imagine a vastly more intuitive version of Sir, Alexa, or Cortana figuring out how to make sense of what we need to know or to do before we realize it ourselves.  Jack Uldrich (who is a futurist and keynote speaker) predicts that in the near future, our own gadgetry will consider our eye movements to make predictions.  For example, if we stare at something for a few seconds, it will enlighten that we need more information regarding it.  Given the fast progression of AR, VR, and voice technology, the smartphone’s end is likely coming in the near future. 


Coming up next is the wearable gadgets. These are the gadgets that can be worn on either specific part of the body or anywhere on the body according to the wearer’s preference. Wearable technology is revealing to be the newest evaluation. With each advancement, wearable gadgets steadily gaining ranks of smartphones.  More than likely, the future alpha wearable we own will be a wristband called Finger Track, generally a similar size of a watch. 


These wristbands will make it a lot simpler to connect with your future VA. For instance, your wristband’s constant user verification feature will mean your VA will consistently realize that you’re its owner. That implies rather than continually pulling out your telephone and composing in your password to get to your VA, you will essentially raise your wristband close to your mouth and address your VA, making overall interaction faster and more natural. 


Finally, there are different opinions on when smartphones get obsolete, while it depends on how quickly these technologies advance. Thus, the mobile phone won’t be rapidly eliminated as old habits die hard. 

People are too addicted to pocket devices to surrender them completely when innovations make them redundant. Despite that being the case,  one thing is without a doubt: AR, VR, and voice innovation will become an alternative to the smartphone.  


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