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Abra Wholesales


Wholesale, Retail


United Kingdom


Abra Wholesales is a multi award-winning wholesaler established in 2003 serving Retailers, Caterers, On Trade, and other Wholesalers in the Food & Drink industry. Over the years they have successfully established their position as a major player in wholesale distribution channels in the whole United Kingdom, through their focus on delivering excellent value and the best service to every customer. Their thriving Export division distributes branded British products worldwide including Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They take pride in being the first choice UK supplier for their overseas customers and their reputation is based on the principles of providing Choice, Service, and Value and entering into mutually beneficial long-term relationships with their valued customers.

With the time being ripe, Abra was having the thought of having their own online territory in the digital space and was actively looking for a technology partner to connect with who has the capability to gratify the complex functionalities they wanted to get onboard their digital space.


With this in mind, Abra Wholesales reached out to Konekt with the hope of fabricating their digital space expectation into a fruitful reality. After a series of intriguing discussions, a scope was set, along with a timeline and an allocated resource pool. 

In order to fast track the project, it was recommended by Konekt to move forward with a Shopify theme that can cater to the requirements of the client. Moreover, Konekt was able to suggest a set of themes fully capable of serving the scoped requirements, upon which the client gave their consent based on their preference. Thereby, the journey of bringing forth the UK’s biggest wholesaler’s digital space was thus begun.


The foundation of the project was laid by designing the user interfaces by maximizing the user experience, giving thorough attention to the elements of the selected theme. Konekt’s expertise on UX & UI came in handy in the process to identify the ideal layout structuring. Each and every layout was taken forward for the development, with the approval of Abra, after doing the amendments requested upon the designs. Moreover, being responsive, the mobile site was further tweaked in terms of the layout to provide a differentiated experience to their loyalties. 

An agile approach was taken as for the development, wherewith each layout design being approved, it was directed towards the development in terms of both frontend and backend. This ensured that the projected timeline was kept on track. With the coordination of both parties, Konekt was able to get the content updates pushed right after the relative pages were sorted in terms of the development. 

Then came the most challenging part of the development process, where Konekt’s team had to create a set of custom developments to cater to some requirements from Abra. Considering the magnitude of the project, the amount of work involved seems infinite from developing elements to getting the content in. But with the mutual collaboration and coordination of both teams, the project reached the final stages in a hasty and fruitful manner, succeeding QA and testing phases in a charming way. 

Technologies Used



Wireframes, UI/UX Design, Development

Delivery Period

3 months


As the final outcome, Abra Wholesales has gone live with their Shopify ecommerce store as Bulk Supermarket. Stay “Konekt-ed” with us, as we will bring you the latest developments on this project.

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