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Soul Alchemist




The Soul Alchemist is the personal website of Sharon Tal, who is a spiritual healer helping her clients achieve love, abundance and joy in their lives.


When the client reached out to us, she had two websites for her brand. One was her personal website, and the other was her e-commerce shop, where she offered a range of spiritual healing products. The client needed a web solution that combines the two enabling her and her team to manage the two aspects of their brand. Her team was looking for an easy to manage website to maintain the website in-house while delivering her customers an experience that reflects the essence of her brand. 


Understanding our client’s requirements, our team put together a web development plan based on the web design provided by the client. We made sure the exact design provided by the client was turned into functional web features while capturing the essence of her brand. The entire website was built on WordPress using Elementor Tool as the client requested, while WooCommerce was used for the eCommerce platform.

The development team closely worked with the clients design team who provided the website layout designs. Ensuring that the design aligns with the technology architecture, the development team optimized the designs provided without deviating the focus and essence the clients design team was driving for.

To deliver an optimized user experience, our team worked on website loading speed along with core system updates and added contact forms to all service pages to ensure an optimized lead generation process. Security updates, performance updates, content changes were also managed by our team, ensuring our clients the finest web performance with utmost security.

As the client’s service is backed with strong recommendations, the client was very keen on getting her testimonials portrayed for each service rendered. Further the request easily managing and updating the testimonials was a major task our development team had to look into.

Newsletter archive and service-specific testimonial sections were added to the website as per the client request while giving her online store a new look to enable attractive product listings and easy checkouts with clear navigations. Our team made sure to maintain the cohesiveness of the online store and the website and made the client’s eCommerce store part of her website. The offer management solution we incorporated into the website with necessary plugins is another feature we added to ensure our client easy promotion management.
Regardless of the time zone difference, we were able to seamlessly collaborate with the client’s teams and deliver the project on time exceeding their expectatio

Technologies Used

WordPress Woocommerce Elementor tool


Delivery Period


We were able to deliver an outstanding web solution to our client that has given her online brand a refreshed look while improving her bottom line with the website and eCommerce store combined solution.

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