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As the coronavirus crisis continues, it has created a major setback in almost every aspect of life. This has resulted in many organizations to shift their operations in a way that they could deal with the current health guidelines offered by the Government.

And Konekt, being a software engineering service provider that has implemented the work from home culture from the inception, is working tirelessly in providing business continuity at a time of high uncertainty, the team Konekt is making impactful contributions to the efforts of some of its clients battling this pandemic.


Looking at the education industry, many universities across the country have been forced to close campuses and shift to online learning platforms.

In the virus-contained scenario, the main impact will be on persistence, as students and education institutes are struggling to adapt to online coursework. Institutions with limited records of creating a compelling online experience could be hurt if their current students are dissatisfied with their digital offerings and decide to go elsewhere.

These unprecedented conditions are inspiring higher education institutions to innovate and adapt to new ways of learning and new enrollments at an accelerated pace. One of the many areas being new admissions for subjects and courses.

Our client has an online platform with impressive online coursework that had to adapt to the current situation in enrolling new students in their available courses. With the Government implementing a lockdown to the whole country, the institute’s registration drive planned within the institute premises was highly unlikely to take place.


The challenge was to develop a registration solution within a week as the enrollment was scheduled and communicated to all the potential students. Postponing the enrollment would have a severe impact on the numbers they expect and this was not a risk which the institute was willing to take on.

The registration process at this institute had been labor-intensive and was prone to errors. Everything was accomplished on paper, from manually taking registration information to canceling registrations. Once the students submit their application they are directed to another person to process the payment. The information recorded on the form is later put into the system by two different people at two different times making it a cumbersome process.

The institution wanted a solution that would allow students to self-register and ensure the process is completely automated.

System Overview Diagram

System Overview Diagram

An agile approach was taken to this extensive student registration requirement by initially delivering the Most Viable Product (MVP) within the 7 days, allowing the institution to plan out the remaining intakes accordingly.

A big shoutout should be given to Commercial Bank’s IT Team. Right after the integration was completed and the communication was initiated with them, they conducted the necessary testing. The team communicated with us the necessary adjustments and parameters that needed to be implemented to the integration. The live integration of the payment gateway was commissioned within a couple of hours.

And since the system is hosted in the cloud, much of the burden and stress of maintaining the solution have been eliminated, making it easier for the Institute’s IT staff.

Technologies Used

Yii2, AWS, MySQL


UI/UX Design, Process Audit, Technology Consulting, Back-end Development, Infra Structure Management

Delivery Period

3 months


Since implementing the solution, the institute was able to see an impressive uptick in the number of online registrations on intakes. The extensive student registration solution was commissioned to the client within two weeks of time and the institution hopes to scale this in the near future by providing features to the student and the institute to interact with.

We at Konekt are proud to be able to support our clients who are battling the epidemic and doing their part to revive the economy.

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