Is Your Company Using A Gmail Address?

July 2, 2017

Have you ever thought about what others think of your company when you give them your gmail address or when you send an e-mail to your clients? If you have got an e-mail account under the company or business domain, you do not need to read this article but if you have NOT, then there you MUST read on!

Think is what people think of your business when you have a Gmail or any other free email service:

It Must Be A Small Business

The worry starts here, you cannot position yourself as an established business because you are still using the free e-mail service and do not have a proper e-mail account under the company domain. This creates a not-so-great impression about your business or company.

Not Very Professional

Having a Gmail or any other free e-mail account also reflects on the culture and nature of your business conduct. It does not cost a bomb to implement this. Many people would think that you are not serious about your business and that’s very unprofessional. The ones who use the customized e-mail service enjoy a number of benefits. You should too.

Lack of Respect Towards Your Business

When it sounds like a small business lacking professionalism especially when it comes to e-mail communication, people do not tend to take your business seriously and that leads to losing respect one could have on your business.

Tough to Scale Your Business

Without a dedicated e-mail service, it would be tough to grow the business into some big and there is no guarantee that your clients and the important sensitive information is being stolen or leaked to others in the market. Why take this kind of risk and allow third parties to take advantage of this situation when you can solve it in a matter of a few hours.

Only you can solve this problem! Get in touch with the team at Konekt to advise you on how this issue could be resolved. Get more leads for your business and create that long-lasting, strong and reliable impression for the benefit of your business and the clients’ interests.

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