Skills of a good Team Leader in Software Development

Sasuni Vidanage Marketing Associate
October 16, 2020

Leadership plays a significant role in the performances and productivity of a team. A successful leader influences the team’s workload toward the accomplishment of organizational goals.

On the off chance that software development feels like it is just an aspect of your expert reason, maybe you ought to consider turning into a tech lead. A tech lead could mean different things; a team leader with no direct reporting or a manager who reports to the top management. 

For instance: the developer team lead is a person who is responsible for the team and its projects. This implies they are likewise responsible for business development, deliverables, deadlines, code standards, and more.  Therefore, the developer team lead is responsible for not just designing and writing codes, but the coordination of the entire development team. 

If you’re a developer, it may not be clear how to get from where you are to a technical leadership position. On the off chance that your goal is to become team lead soon, you should ask yourself why you need this role. Becoming a team lead may line up with your drawn out long- term goals. 

Proficient pioneers in software engineering surpass the title of boss or manager. They have figured out how to accomplish the correct blend of interest, charisma, and confidence, most likely with a bit of luck and timing.

team leader

Driving a work team requires practice and skill-building. Here are the basic abilities that a proficient team leader in software engineering must have:

Team builder:

It is highly important that the team lead in software engineering is able to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of the team and what gets them eager to interact with each other. Besides, it is vital to listen to their requests for consideration, attention, and feedback to ensure the team stays on track. 

Mentor your developers:

Furnish your team with the required preparation to progress in their careers and to get proficient in the newest innovations. 

This is a good method to keep up inspiration in developer teams and can assist with keeping the colleagues who are building up their aptitudes while working hard on the delivery assigned.

Delegating tasks:

Delegating tasks to the right individual is a significant management skill for team leaders in the software development industry as it permits them to be focused on the truly significant aspects of the project. 

Delegation is possible when the leader has a good understanding of each and every colleague. In a development team, each member has various interests. For example; some can be good at front-end tasks while others lean towards back-end tasks. In light of the various capacities each team member has, the tasks must be appointed. 

Delegating well builds efficiency and certainty inside the team. Leaders that are good delegators, that challenge their team with important responsibilities build their dedication, hard work, and fulfillment.


As the team leader, the obligation is to limit how regularly issues happen, which implies we should be sufficiently courageous to explain to them immediately before things turn out badly. Leaders must be able to guide teams through the problem-solving process and concoct positive outcomes. Through training, software engineers figure out ways that allow them to find out efficient solutions to problems. 

Self Sufficiency:

Self-sufficiency is fundamental to build trust in team engagement. In an Agile methodology, leaders give their colleagues clear goals and let them locate the most ideal approach to accomplish them. 

If the leader doesn’t rely on team input, autonomy is preposterous. The leader should guide the team through the delivery and allow them to self-direct. At the point when they feel that their leaders trust them, they are more engaged with it.


Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, strategies, desires, and the results. It is a significant trait of an extraordinary leader to demonstrate the commitment to making the best decision. Regardless of the circumstances, and to make the team follow him/her in these values and ethical practices. 


Finally, being a good team leader in software development isn’t simply an issue of charisma. It includes sets of skills and attributes that gain through experience. Having incredible leaders will definitely impact your software solution’s results. 

Becoming a team leader can give a feeling of satisfaction, while it can immediately get overpowering. You can unravel the qualities of being a successful team leader by breaking down what your position involves and giving a valiant effort to sustain a culture of achievement in the workplace. With the correct measure of enthusiasm for your specialty, commitment to your organization’s vision and objectives, and a heart for others, you are on the right path for greatness. 

Sasuni Vidanage Marketing Associate

Sasuni is a graduate in Business Management from the University of Northumbria in UK who is currently working as a Marketing Associate at Konekt. Sasuni is specialized in Content Marketing, Social media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Growth hacking.

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