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How We Celebrated Avurudu at Konekt!

April 29, 2018

Aluth Avurudu, which literally translates to “New Year” is not the ordinary new year you’ve heard about which is celebrated around the world. Here in Sri Lanka, we celebrate new year twice a year. One in January, same as everywhere around the world and another in April, which is the Aluth Avurudu, the one that’s special to us Sri Lankans.

Avurudu is the traditional “New Year” for the Sinhalese and Tamils which is celebrated in Sri Lanka. But it isn’t just for the two races, We Sri Lankans join hands together to celebrate Avurudu as an entire Nation. We call it “Abhimaanaya” because it is our pride!

Here at Konekt, We aren’t the geeky and boring IT crowd that drowns in coffee and sit staring at our computer screens all day. We love to have fun and we put in the celebrations on a daily basis by the work we do. Hence why at Konekt, the teams gather every morning and evening for a chat, snacks and tea no matter how busy we are!

The teams celebrated the dawn of Avurudu with their families back in their hometowns and returned back to the office on the 17th of April. When I say office, they certainly weren’t prepped up for work with them Avurudu sarongs and sarees. Konekt started off the Avurudu with a traditional feast at the office by lighting the Pahana followed by delicious Kiribath cakes, sweets and goodies all the way from different parts of the country.

Thanks to Dayadri from Kitchen DD for catering to the celebrations by delivering food packs consisting of mouth-watering short eats and sweetlicious eclairs! You can check out her Facebook page and make your orders for parties by clicking here

It was a day to remember, and at Konekt, we strike the balance between work and having fun and we also strive to keep things that way because our work ethic and culture had always been the secret behind the quality of work we produce and the smiling happy faces of our clients!

Here are some moments captured at the Konekt’s Avurudu Celebrations 2018:

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