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Xmas Times – Festive Vibes

December 24, 2019

As the vibe has become of festivities of surprises and treats, Konekt too decided to celebrate the season their own way. On the 20th day of December, the crowd gathered at the company’s lobby to kick off the celebrations.

With the coming of Secret Santa who bought each and everybody a surprise gift sharing love and friendship, laughs and shouts became the mood of the crowd. Everybody came out happy with their gift was the best part.

Then came the lunchtime! Yey us. The most awaited moment of the day! Arthur’s Pizzeria was the perfect place not just for the mood but also to make it brighter with their sizzling goodness. Pizzas flying around, garlic bread here and there, coke bottles in one hand and a selfie in the other, it sure was a magnificent time.

Then came the time for honouring the traditions. Everybody came back to the office to give a go at festive bites, Ginger Bread Men leading the show at the front. The table was decorated and prepared, festivities arranged, it was once more the time to enjoy a snack with a Xmas Vibe.

The day coming to an end, a look back, Christmas 2019 came out to be pretty good with never-ending food and laughs. Everybody was happy as it should be in the season. Sharing love and happiness it was indeed!

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