Reasons to invest in Mobile Application Development

May 3, 2020

This blog is for innovative and creative business minds considering investing in entrepreneurial experience.

With the huge accessibility of devices and the increasing dependability of users, applications are turning into the heartbeat of most businesses, leading the mobile application boom and formulating technology-driven time.

A mobile application is most extremely vital if you wish to keep on giving the top-class services to your current and new clients on all stages.

Before we dig into facts and reasons let’s spell out some basic concepts of App development.

What is mobile app development?

Simply, mobile application development is the process of creating software that will run on mobile devices and consists of generating an idea to turn into digital solutions for mobile and web services.

There are three basic types of Mobile Apps that you can offer:

  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • Progressive Web apps
  • Hybrid apps

Every entrepreneur should need to invest in App Development! Why?

It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you are not an expert in IT! If you have a smart thought, don’t stop for a second to transform it into a valuable DIGITAL SOLUTION.

Here are some reasons why your business should consider investing in mobile application development. 


  • The size and growth of the market:

Mobile is for everything and everywhere……..

Old days we used the mobile phone only to make calls and send SMSs. Nowadays, the mobile phone has expanded our ability to do things that were once ahead of our expectations.

As for research, it is obvious that the number of mobile users in Sri Lanka has reached 31.80 million in 2020 when the population is just 21 million and annual mobile app downloads will boost to 258 billion worldwide by 2022.

Almost everyone uses apps for something; to play games, ordering food, health care, and social networking. Accordingly, this will be a revolutionary virtual market that you can simply invest in as this industry will never get outdated!

Let’s find out the reasons behind that rebellious growth in the Mobile app development market.

  1. The world of technology is changing
  2. Changing to a more digitized lifestyle

The future of Mobile app development is extremely profitable and a worthwhile investment as it will continue to experience incredibly fast growth in the coming decade.


  • Apps are revenue generators:

Mobile applications offer your brand the chance to create additional revenue streams. By making the buying procedure increasingly user friendly and simple, applications can essentially improve the client experience which, thus, certainly impacts revenue generated.

Mobile apps can likewise be effectively monetized, pushing your business with the open doors for extra income.  Most of the popular apps include in-app advertising, in-app buying, paid, and freemium apps. If the users enjoy your apps and feel it offers them esteem, they would gladly pay for it frequently.

Thus, by offering your items, or by publicizing your apps, you can bring another revenue stream into your business.


  •  It’s a tool of real-time marketing: 

Regardless of whether they’re at home, driving, or at work, with mobile apps your existing customers can assess your business anywhere and whenever in a user-friendly environment. This simple availability and ordinary utilization of your app will strengthen your business and brand, making customers bound to come to you for purchase.

Apps allow you to connect digital content, product recommendations, and every other possibility which needed to be attributed to developing an attractive marketing channel.


  • Increase customer engagement 

Mobile apps give buyers a consistent, all in one experience with your business, putting your business directly in the palm of their hand. App businesses can pitch their customers all the more adequately; similarly, customers can directly get all the content you put out and effectively get in touch with you. This effective correspondence helps enormously in improving the connection and communication among clients and businesses.


  • E-commerce 

Mobile apps are simpler to use than websites. Apps are primarily designed focusing on usability. In fact, apps were generally intended to offer the next level of usability. More of the commercial businesses are depending on mobile apps to sell their products. With easy access like mobile online payments, digital wallets, PayPal, etc, customers are bound to purchase things through mobile apps rather than via websites or physical stores. Companies who adopt mobile apps into their business strategy can experience a boost in their sales and better branding results.

Even though the e-commerce business in Sri Lanka is as yet running under an ‘early days’ flag, it can’t do as such until the end of time. It’ll without a doubt take the absolute best endeavors and innovation of both established and new entrants, the Government, and financial investors to release the business’s maximum capacity. Obstacles should be survived, discernments should change, innovativeness and new reasoning should be applied, strategies should be set up or more all trust should be ingrained in customers.


An accelerated shift from stores to e-commerce, during this pandemic…

The on-demand delivery apps development is one of the most popular ideas during the lockdown time frame. People across Sri Lanka utilized the on-demand delivery apps, particularly the basic food item and medicine delivery during the quarantine.

E-commerce sales, in general, are expected to surge, as customers stay home during the crisis, on-line delivery platforms are seeing dramatic spikes in sales, much of which likely is driven by new customers who are trying online grocery shopping for the first time.

Finally, what number of applications do you have on your telephone? Is it true that they aren’t making your life a lot simpler? 

Whether it is social media apps, games, maps, fitness apps, etc, these applications have a significant impact in these days present-day life. 

So mobile apps are the game changers in the real business world. Therefore, if your business is mobile and not contemplating investing in mobile application improvement, at that point you are as of now behind your rivals. Regardless of whether your rivals are not versatile, they before long will be.

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