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Konekt Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary!

February 24, 2017

Konekt is in full swing while celebrations galore, be it a birthday celebration, an office outing or the company anniversary. On the 18th of January 2017, Konekt marked its 2nd official year after undergoing the formal registration process. “We took a good 10 months to figure out what we are going to do and how we would like to position ourselves in the market.” Shared Adam Thaha, one of the founders of the company.


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2nd Years & Counting

Two challenging years at Konekt have see quite a number of ups and downs and the company has grown not just with its staff members and its clients but also with its beliefs. Konekt has bigger dreams and greater challenges to face in the forthcoming years and the confidence placed by its clients is truly immense. The company is in good shape and will soon start punching holes in the sky.

So what did we do?

We celebrated obviously!!! Since this was the 2nd year and the first time with a fully fledged staff, the party was organized in the office exclusively for the office staff for the office staff and by the office staff. Yes! We had a feast at office because it was the company BIRTHDAY!!!

The Journey Continues for Konekt

Having focused on a number of its services and products, Konekt will continue to move in the same direction with the same vigour and courage. Sri Lanka is experiencing a tech boom and it looks like technology is not going to end up like a trend but a way of life. Mankind is needing technology like never before! However, with innovation and interest in creating new things and making life easy for its customers, the journey continues for Konekt!

An attitude of gratitude from Konekt

Nothing much can be done alone. Konekt has been super fortunate to have the support of many amazing friends, clients, companies and family members who have tried their best in sending clients and giving a helping hand to take the brand into the market. A big thank you to everyone for being there and supporting the company in every way possible. It’s very much appreciated.

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