Quantine Technologies Website Launched by Konekt

November 13, 2017

Konekt continues to do what it does best, Quantine Technologies was the latest addition to the company portfolio. Quantine Technology is a Sri Lankan based software company established in 2015. The headquarters is situated at Malabe, Sri Lanka. The founder and the CEO, Gayan Saminda is an industry expert in software including Device Controlling software and Computer Vision.

They have a team of talented young software engineers and experienced senior engineers who passed out from some of the leading universities in the country. They are working mainly for USA based high tech customers. They also carry out computer vision based research for Sport Science and Bio-mechanics, targeting mainly for the sport of Cricket.

They take the responsibility of software projects of any type and can build teams with good quality software engineers from the local market. They can have flexible project plans which are tailor made for your company’s need. They guarantee the quality of the working environment, the product delivered on time and the information security.

The team at Konekt has certainly enjoyed working with the dynamic team at Quantine Technologies in the development of the website and it was certainly a pleasure to work with a bunch of professionals thriving to be the best in the market. If you are looking to get your website or any kind of software, then look no further, Konekt can do the job for you. Quick tip, invite the team at Konekt for a meeting and discuss your needs and concerns regarding the requirement and seek their help.

Konekt has a solution-oriented approach towards its clients and works to satisfy the need of the client whilst providing a high quality service. Konekt with connect to get your website done today. Konekt also specializes in Cloud and Mobile solutions. You can download the company profile by clicking here. 


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