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Softlogic Capital which heads the finance companies of the group brought forward a concept with a single goal in mind. The concept by Softlogic Capital was to combine the financial companies from their group and to have a single site, where people can get all their financial needs fulfilled within a matter of a few clicks.

As a result of this thinking, Softlogic Capital Online was born. A fully-fledged multi-site that modernizes the customer experience and far-reaching customer satisfaction through convenience. Furthermore, the long term vision behind this idea was to compile the set of unique financial operations of each site to the platform of Capital Online, so that a customer can pay his annual fee or order his research package by a matter of a few clicks.


This is where Konekt came into the picture. Softlogic had the concept mind mapped, logically visualized, but was in need of a partner to make this imagined creativity a meaningful reality. After a series of intriguing discussions, Konekt was authorized to build the site which could fulfill the modern financial needs, aligned with the ‘Age of Information’ of the twenty first century.


Beginning the work by laying the foundation for the website, the set of layouts depicting the user interface, and how the user experience would be at each element was created. In order to get the possible outcome for the layouts, both sides invested in a joint venture to brainstorm the components and elements. Konekt’s expertise on UX & UI came in handy in the process to identify the ideal layout structuring. 

WordPress was identified and pitched by Konekt as the perfect staging for the multi-site, given the ease of use and management of WordPress, and also the cost-effectiveness it privileged the concept given that one site can be created and duplicated in order to save resources. 

Starting from simple tools such as Google Analytics, the website was planned to become a data science platform also through the deployment of tools such as SEMRush, MailChimp, etc. By enabling such tools, Softlogic hopes to serve their loyalties better by identifying the ongoing trends and behaviors. 

Considering the magnitude of the project, the amount of work involved seems infinite from developing elements to getting the content in. But with the mutual collaboration and coordination of both teams, the project reached the final stages in a hasty and fruitful manner, succeeding QA and testing. 

Technologies Used

WordPress Multisite, Bootstrap


Wireframes, UI/UX Design, Development, Infrastructure Services

Delivery Period

3 months


As the final outcome, Softlogic Life has gone live along with the rest of the finance companies of the group. What’s more, despite being fresh in the digital space, Softlogic Life’s domain managed to get hold of a Merit Award from Best Web 2020 which held right after the Multi-site website was launched. Stay “Konekt-ed” with us, as we will bring you the latest developments on this project.

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