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Just like sports’ sites, traditionally educational sites have been the same or similar, using an off-the-shelf template created for the industry. These templates did their job in bringing educational sites to home users at a time, but these days, educational institutions are realizing, just like everyone else, that to get the potential applicants, their website has to reflect the institution’s particular strengths and appeal to and encourage their preferred applicants.

Therefore, website designers should provide better and more functional websites for schools and universities that may, in many cases, actually make the users want to learn and encourage them to use a particular institution.

Our duty for this site was to re-design and develop a modern website and also uplift the online identity with trustworthiness and value of the IIT brand together with compelling web design. We also had a number of initial talks, research and even several meetings with the IIT management team which helped us to best ensure we understand the requirements and the audience they address.


The Informatics Institute of Technology was established in 1990 as the first private higher education institute in Sri Lanka to award reputed British degrees in the field of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Business. After a competitive selection process, they commissioned us to redesign and redevelop their website. 


We initiated the project with the wireframes and the overall informational structure for the website. The previous website didn’t have a proper landing page for their marketing purposes. Therefore, landing pages were created as it is very essential for promote and showcase the available courses. An interactive slider on the homepage was designed to better engage and make the website user access information instantly.

The primary focus when re-designing the website is to successfully fill the existing information gap. This was achieved by providing information on student life and activities carried out by the students at IIT to provide the essence of the campus life to the prospective students who will be visiting the website. To make their foreign prospects welcomes, we created a map including prominent places near IIT including student-friendly restaurants, hangout places. book shops etc. The website also can update from IIT’s staff without our help. If new places pop up, the map can be updated by the staff through the content management system as well.

One of the main concerns the institute has that the website users usually wander off and get lost in the content. We pulled together all of the academic programs into the homepage. This streamlining of the content kept prospective students in one digital experience (rather than wandering over a large site) — which improved the overall user experience.

Technologies Used



UI/UX Design,Development

Delivery Period

02 Months

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