Making Telemedicine go Mainstream during the Covid 19 Pandemic

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Businesses around the world are constantly battling out competition through innovation. The evolution of technology not only adds to this pressure, but levels the playing field by creating more and more direct access to valuable data, on-demand talent, and innovation platforms like eDoc.

When the efficiency of your technology affects not only your business’ success but also the level of care provided to your patients, the impulse to innovate and advance becomes that much more critical.

Healthcare technology is rapidly advancing, and it is worthwhile to pay attention to new developments that could revolutionize the way offices function.


A couple of months ago, none of us could have predicted the extent of the coronavirus effect on society. Many countries including Sri Lanka are under lockdown in a bid to limit the spread of the virus through human to human transmission.

Digital health fares as an adequate solution in these circumstances. Robots help in monitoring infected patients to limit contact with medical personnel, deliver medical supplies, and disinfect wards.

Companies and Schools embracing technology to adopt a work from home solution has made remote consultations more enticing to the public, this has resulted in bringing telemedicine into a new light.

Our client identifying this rise in demand approached us to come up with a solution to cater to this rising need.


Developing eDoc

The objectives to creating eDoc are designed in three core features for eDoc app for the consumer as an initial release, they are:

There is also an app and dashboard for the professional with core features:

The mobile application was planned to release only for Android at the initial stage and would later branch out to iOS devices in the near future.

Designing eDoc

When it comes to wireframe for eDoc app, the design team did a lot of exploration about a telemedicine UI, how it should look, and ensure that the user experience is optimized to the solutions available in the market. The whole design system must support a combination of buttons and card interface elements.

In developing visual design systems in Material Design, we implemented the basic color theory of blue as the primary color.

Blue is highly used to represent calmness and responsibility. Light blue here should appear more refreshing and also friendly as we use a conversational approach to the interaction. As much as blue is often associated with hospital and surgery that have a little bit of tense aura, instead we want to make it more relaxing and approachable, also more sophisticated.

Technologies Used

NodeJs, React Native


UI/UX Design, App Development, Technology Consulting, Back-end Development, Infra Structure Management

Delivery Period

2 Months


This recent growth of digital ventures during this pandemic points to a growing demand for convenience, cost-effectiveness, and better accessibility. The app is available to the public on Google Playstore. The iOS app will be available to the public very soon.

Collaboration between the public and private sectors and increased state investment in digital health may be the next steps needed to improve access to efficient healthcare equally, across the island.


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