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With the global pandemic, people have come to terms with it and have shifted their lifestyle online—and that includes shopping. Which is why there’s never been a better time to be in eCommerce.

Having an eCommerce site offers you the opportunity to build your brand, connect with more customers or distinguish your target audience, and sell more products, this all can be accomplished only if you’ve got the right eCommerce website design.

A good eCommerce website is all about using the right colors aligning to the brand, fonts, images, and text that convinces and influences the visitor to purchase from your website.


The client’s existing website was not bringing in the expected sales through the existing website which had a high bounce rate. This was due to not having a responsive web design making the website not accessible through mobile. Due to the static nature of the website, the client was unable to initiate promotions as and when they wanted to. To enable certain back-office operations, the previous developers had installed a number of plugins that resulted in the site to perform very slow.


Through the initial discussions, the brief was attained by understanding the pain points the client was facing. WooCommerce was considered to be the platform as the client was familiar with using.

As an eCommerce store should be dynamic the website was totally developed in a manner where the client is able to make the updates as and when they want without any technical assistance. User experience was given the utmost importance based on the preliminary analysis on Google Analytics suggested that the majority of the visitors visit the site through mobile devices. Hence, a mobile-first approach was taken in the design phase to ensure that the majority of the traffic experience is not hindered.

As an eCommerce website, we understand that many of the visitors get interrupted during the checkout stage. Taking this into consideration, marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp were implemented to the site with automation workflows for visitors to receive emails on visitors micro-moments on the website. Beeketing was implemented for the client to get more out of the site by upselling and cross-selling. Analytics and FB pixel were embedded to the site to execute remarketing campaigns.

Technologies Used

WordPress, Woocommerce, Mailchimp, hotjar


Wireframes, UI/UX Design, Development, Infrastructure Services

Delivery Period

2 weeks


The client was able to witness a sudden increase in their revenue through online sales right after the eCommerce store went live. Till to this month, their monthly revenue grows by 100% which is a huge plus point. The workflows implemented through Mailchimp contributes further to the revenue generated.


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