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Audio/Video Productions


Sri Lanka


We undertook the opportunity to redesign and develop a minimalistic yet modern website which reflects the calibre of their work. It was a great honour for the team at Konekt to have the opportunity of working with PROimage.


When it comes to Audio/Video productions, PROimage isn’t just “another production house”, they are one of the pioneers in the industry and are the go-to guys when it comes to library footage and corporate video shoots.

Our brief was to create an attractive and modern website to reflect their production work and develop a site with a rich and flexible.


To do our duty best we update site includes changes to web navigation, with drop-down menus for both mobile and desktop versions.

The site is optimized for all smart devices which weren’t the case before. We’ve also improved the structure of the content in a way which highlights the capabilities of PROimage whilst ensuring a rich reading experience. We have made a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, all to make the user experience of the site much better the reader.

It was also a unique and pleasant experience for the team to work with the PROimage team whose methodical approach, was a perfect match for us at Konekt, as we always strive to work towards meeting client expectations and deadlines. The feeling has been mutual from the client’s end, is the feedback we received upon successful completion of PROimage’s website.

Technologies Used



UI/UX Design & Development

Delivery Period

1 Month

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