STI Relaunches Their Website with Global Brand Transformation

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STI Holdings (Pvt) Ltd


Steel Fabrication


Sri Lanka


STI Holdings were thinking about the restructure their whole company and our part was to rebranding the website as a marketing tool. Our responsibility for this project was to design and develop a beautiful website with trustworthiness and value of the STI brand together with compelling web design. We also had a number of initial talks, research and even several meeting with the STI Holding’s team which helped us to best ensure we understand the field and the market it addresses.


Our brief was to:


We initiated the branding process by developing the wireframes and the overall informational structure for the website. A font family was chosen that had several different weights as it would allow them to be consistent and uniform with both the web and print.

After setting and experimenting the best journey map for the users we began focusing on rendering the user experience into a user interface that would align with the brand. Having a minimalistic appeal to the web design was a must, but we also had to keep in mind that the content we received for the website was also visual heavy, making it more engaging when it came to balancing out the design elements with the brand content.

Decluttering the sites into one single, easy to view and navigate site had already vastly improved STI Holding’s web page online presence and SEO performance. The website’s content is managed by STI Holding’s staff internally from the Custom made Content Management System allowing them for quick text and image changes. Comprehensive training was given by the team at Konekt to the internal, and now they excel at keeping the site up to date. Following within a month of design and development, our team was really excited to launch the new website for STI Holdings.

Technologies Used



UI/UX Design & Development

Delivery Period

1 Month

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