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Arthur’s Pizzeria is a locally originated brand established in 2014. Although being new to the pizza scene, they have been growing steadily over the years, becoming a trending topic in the town every now and then.

The marketing and promotions were primarily executed on their social media platforms which are having a steady addition of followers by the day. However, the political turmoil that took place last year to block social media platforms in order to stop the circulation of information, their operations felt the impact immediately where they couldn’t have consistent engagement with their followers nor execute their promotions. As a result of this political situation, their sales were affected by a significant margin.


This was where Konekt identified the potential of having their own digital platform for Arthur’s Pizzeria. Konekt was able to identify three main reasons as to which Arthur’s can benefit from,

Moreover, Arthur’s had the opportunity to tap the ever-growing market segment of Ecommerce as well, if they were to have their own digital presence. Thereby, Konekt concluded coming months would be the most ideal for Arthur’s to start having their own Ecommerce store.

With this in mind, Arthur’s Pizzeria was reached and pitched the idea of having their own digital presence. Even by then, they had bought a domain and were thinking about building a site for them but were not sure whether it was the right investment. Thereby, at the earliest, they were reluctant to consider the proposition given them not seeing the right benefits in both the short and long term.

After some hasty over the phone discussions, a meeting was arranged. Konekt utilizing the opportunity to act as the consultant for the matter was able to make Arthur’s realize that they are able to grow their business in a massive way using Ecommerce. It was at this point the management of Arthur’s understood the potential they can reach and the benefits they can reap by having their own digital presence rather than depending on social media platforms. Thus, the negotiations started with Arthur’s exploring the functionalities they would want to have in order to enable the best possible user experience for their customers.


A concept idea was designed and pitched to give a visualization of the solution which helped Arthur’s to give the green light for the project as the final response.

Starting off the work, careful crafting of the layouts with a story for each and every element as to how they would affect both the user experience and user interface took place. Konekt’s expertise on user experience & user interface came in handy in the process to identify the ideal layout structuring.

WordPress was identified and pitched by Konekt as the perfect staging for the site, given the ease of use and content management system of WordPress, and also, the cost-effectiveness it privileged the users. As it was initially identified and pointed, Integrations for analytics and marketing tools were also implemented into the Ecommerce store which would help at identifying the ongoing trends and behaviors for a better service to their customers. In a steady manner, with the collaboration of both sides, the project progressed to the final stages in a hasty and fruitful manner, succeeding QA and testing phases in quick fashion. As the final outcome, Arthur’s Pizzeria has gone alive.


Technologies Used



Wireframes, UI/UX Design, Development, Infrastructure Services

Delivery Period

2 Months


What’s more, they have acquired a new channel of sales which has been growing since the day one of their launch. Given the reach and the response they have gotten within this short time of them going live, with customer feedback, they have started planning features to further improve customer convenience . Stay “Konekt-ed” with us, as we will bring you the latest developments on this project.

Konekt managed to finish off integrating the existing ERP system of Arthur’s to the website enabling them a great set of benefits, starting off by developing the necessary APIs to facilitate a seamless integration which then went through a successful testing phase to ensure both orders and their respective details are captured by the ERP. 

Furthermore, with the implementation of the ERP, a visitor can only set their delivery location if the said address is available in the system. This function has enabled Arthur’s Pizzeria to have more control over their delivery areas and add parameters and restrictions to locations they deliver as well. Also, with the implementation of the ERP to Arthur’s Pizzeria eCommerce website, customers now have the ability to order half and half pizza from the eCommerce website along with their favorite add-ons. The implementation gives Arthur’s more convenience and insights into their order management, sales, and delivery. This also helps Arthur’s Pizzeria centralize their operation processes for both offline and online orders, additionally enabling them to manage their inventory right from the ERP itself.


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